Elevator Pitch

 Elevator Pitch

A Short Brief To Win The Chief

Elevator Pitch is a method to elaborate or sell an idea, business or a project to somebody in a very short time. “Elevator” used as a representation of how limited period available to describe your idea, concept or project.

To master an Elevator Pitch, a person needs to understand the basic theory of public speaking such as comprehending the substance, articulation techniques, and proper pace of speaking, right intonation that is good to be heard, and substance to be told not to be read out.

After you master all of these, what’s next is the story content. This is the important one. Why bother mastering public speaking techniques when the content is pointless.

What you have to prepare is:

• Definition of your business / project

• Make sure you deliver it in three short and clear sentences.

• Don’t make it pleonastic. Make it catchy so your investor will pay attention and wish to hear out more from you.

The rest of it are simple explanation about revenue stream, marketing strategy, and the most important is how big our return of investment will be if our investor decide to invest in our business.

For instance:
JKT Creative is a retail company whose profit utilized to fund skill development program of the subsidized house ladies.

It’s short, it’s clear, distinct, and catchy!

One thing to be sure, you deliver your story to the right person.

Don’t tell your magnificent plan of retail business to an investor who have concern on financial technology startups. Major fail.

Eventually, a successful elevator pitch begins from a well made business plan. Public speaking techniques will make you deliver it better, but another factor that matters is the content of your story.

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