Business Plan

Business Plan
Not only a plan, it’s your guideline

There’s a lot of people aspire to be an entrepreneur and have a successful business. Many of them have always wondered, where should they start their business?

Well, the answer is Business Plan.

According to Webster Dictionary, the meaning of Business Plan is:

busi·ness plan
a document setting out a business's future objectives and strategies for achieving them.

To make an entrepreneur knows which steps to take in order to make their business runs successfully and yields a satisfying profit, they have to make a clear target.

Then, what should be written in a business plan?

The answer is everything! Business definition, vision, mission, customer segmentation, brand guideline, production scheme, distribution scheme, customer relation plan, marketing plan, and the most important revenue stream and profit & lost projection.

Through a detailed business plan, an entrepreneur will have a deeper understanding of their products, how to communicate with customers, what is the right price to be released, and the target to be achieved each month.

It sounds too much and too serious, huh?

Indeed. It is as serious as you think. Business plan has to be created very carefully, with every detail needed and many calculations to be made. However, Ria Sarwono, Co-Founder of Cotton Ink, has a pleasant tips to make business plan more delightful to be done.

Make a business plan just like your pinterest dashboard. Make it like a mood board of a designer; full of pictures and colors. Make business plan as a medium to mold the business you dream of. As well as dream of the profit you want.

After all, We all are made from dreams aren’t we?

So keep on dreaming and make it happen through your business plan.

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